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            Shandong Dexiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading company of carbon crystal infrared heater in China. Dexiang covers more than 80000 m2, more than 300 employee, and annual out put over half million pcs infrared heaters   ……【MORE】

            Address:  2/F Tower A, Yinhe Building, 2008 Xinluo Avenue, High-Tech Zone, Jinan, Shandong, China
            Tel: 86-531-66590563
            Fax: 86-531-66590563
            E-mail: sddexiang@outlook.com

            HOME   |  ABOUT US   |  PRODUCT   |  CERTIFICATE   |  SHOW ROOM   |  NEWS   |  CONTACT   |  Management 

            Address:  Dexiang Industrial Park, Xueye district, Laiwu City, Shandong, China

            Shandong Dexiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.